First Premier Bank Credit Card Payment

first premier bank credit card payment

Managing credit card payments effectively is crucial for maintaining good financial health and credit score. For First Premier Bank credit card holders, understanding the various methods and best practices for making payments is key. This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to make a First Premier Bank credit card payment, ensuring you can manage your account efficiently and avoid any potential issues such as late fees or credit score impacts.

Overview of First Premier Bank Credit Cards

First Premier Bank offers a range of credit cards, often targeted towards individuals who are looking to build or rebuild their credit. It’s important for cardholders to stay on top of their payments to improve their credit score and avoid additional charges.

Key Features:

  • Credit Building Opportunities: Ideal for those with less than perfect credit.
  • Reporting to Credit Bureaus: Regular reporting to help improve credit scores over time.
  • Accessible Online Management: Easy access to account management and payment through online portals.

Methods for Making Credit Card Payments

1. Online Payments

  • Through First Premier Bank’s Website: The most convenient way to make a payment is through their online banking portal.
  • Mobile App: Use First Premier Bank’s mobile app for easy payment on the go.

2. Phone Payments

  • Automated System or Representative: Payments can be made over the phone, either through an automated system or by speaking to a customer service representative.

3. Mail Payments

  • Check or Money Order: Send a check or money order to the bank’s payment address. Ensure you mail it well before the due date to avoid late payments.

4. In-Person Payments

  • Bank Branches: Payments can also be made at First Premier Bank branches.

Understanding Payment Posting and Processing Time

  • Processing Time: Be aware of the processing time for each payment method to ensure your payment is received by the due date.
  • Immediate Posting: Online and phone payments often post to your account immediately.

Avoiding Late Payments and Additional Fees

  • Payment Due Dates: Know your payment due date, which is available on your statement or online account.
  • Setting Up Reminders: Use online banking to set up payment reminders or automatic payments to avoid missing your due date.

FAQs About First Premier Bank Credit Card Payments

Q: What happens if I miss a payment? A: Missing a payment can result in late fees and negatively impact your credit score. Contact First Premier Bank immediately if you realize you’ve missed a payment.

Q: Can I set up automatic payments for my First Premier Bank credit card? A: Yes, automatic payments can be set up through the online banking portal or mobile app.

Q: How long does it take for a payment to reflect in my account? A: Online and phone payments usually reflect immediately, but mailed payments may take several days to process.


Managing your First Premier Bank credit card payments is a key aspect of maintaining good financial standing and improving your credit score. By understanding the various payment options available and ensuring timely payments, you can manage your credit card effectively. Remember, timely payments not only avoid fees but also contribute positively to your credit health.

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