M and T Bank Customer Service

m and t bank customer service

M&T Bank, a financial institution with a history that spans more than 160 years, is renowned for its commitment to strong customer relationships, offering a broad array of banking solutions, from personal banking and business banking to investment and insurance services. A significant part of their reputation hinges on their high-quality customer service. This article will provide an overview of M&T Bank’s customer service, its unique features, and the various ways to access it.

Overview of M&T Bank Customer Service

M&T Bank places a high priority on providing excellent customer service, understanding that its relationship with its customers forms the cornerstone of its operations. Customers of M&T Bank can expect prompt, reliable service whether they’re opening an account, troubleshooting an issue, or seeking financial advice.

M&T Bank customer service includes various channels, ensuring customers can reach out for assistance in the most convenient manner for them. These channels include customer service representatives available via phone, online and mobile banking support, in-person assistance at branch locations, and a helpful selection of online resources.

Phone Customer Service

M&T Bank maintains a dedicated customer service hotline, allowing customers to speak directly with knowledgeable representatives. Whether you’re having trouble with your account, need help with online banking, or have a general question about M&T’s services, their phone-based customer service can provide assistance.

Online and Mobile Banking Support

Recognizing the shift towards digital banking, M&T Bank offers comprehensive online and mobile banking support. Customers can use these platforms to manage their accounts, transfer funds, pay bills, and more. If customers encounter issues or have questions, M&T Bank provides online chat and email support, enabling customers to resolve their problems without having to visit a branch or make a call.

In-person Assistance

Despite the rise of digital banking, M&T Bank continues to value the importance of face-to-face interactions. With hundreds of branches across the East Coast, customers can visit their local M&T branch for personal assistance. M&T Bank staff can help with a variety of banking needs, from account issues to more complex financial advice.

Online Resources

M&T Bank’s website provides a wealth of resources for customers to self-serve and gain financial knowledge. There are comprehensive FAQs covering many common questions, guides on how to use banking services, and a wealth of articles on various financial topics.


M&T Bank customer service provides customers with multiple channels to receive the help and support they need. This is a testament to M&T Bank’s commitment to maintaining strong relationships with its customers and providing high-quality service. Whether you prefer to handle your banking in person, over the phone, or digitally, M&T Bank’s customer service is ready and equipped to assist you.

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